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Why visit Rome?

Rome is a city located in Italy, in fact, it is the capital. In addition to being the capital of this country, it is also the capital of the Lazio region. It is one of the most populated cities in Europe, along with Moscow and London. In this article you will discover this city and some reasons to visit it.

Its geography

This city is located in the central west of the Italian peninsula, near the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is a city divided into four regions according to tradition, namely the Subirana, the Esquillina, the collina and finally the palatina. In this city there are several works of art such as temples, synaguogues the most famous street in Rome. Each region of this city has sub-regions which in turn have districts. Being of a large area and a large population, it is rather maintained. This maintenance is done by specially designed services that do not take their role lightly.

Its history

Since ancient times, the city of Rome is practically one of the richest cities in history. For those who love history or discoveries, reading novels or documentations about the city of Rome is already immense. To visit this territory by yourself is a blessing. A history that has been being written for more than twenty-eight centuries already. Being thus of a great content, it is the object of several tourist visits with tourist sites of another level compared to the others. One of its secrets is that the history continues to be written until the next centuries.

Its religion

If it is possible to say it, the city of Rome is the seat of the Catholic Church. This city has in its bosom another state called Vatican which is ruled by the Pope of the Catholic Church. It is practically the only city that has in its bosom another state whose management does not concern only the authorities of the city, but also that of the country, because this state is entirely under the Catholic Church. So everything that concerns the management of this city is the business of the church.