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Moving to Switzerland: what do you need to know?

Moving to Switzerland is a project that requires a good preparation. Before the move, it is necessary to ensure an adequate budget, to foresee the necessary files. In addition, the type of residence permit must be taken into account because it determines the duration of your stay in this country. In the rest of our article, we will detail these points.

Moving to Switzerland, what budget?

Moving to Switzerland is relatively expensive. It is simply not possible to define its precise price since it depends on certain elements. It is a question of the means of transport to be used, the volume of luggage, the distance and others. But, to give you an idea, the cost of a move in Switzerland varies between one thousand and three thousand euros. If you want to know more about your personal moving situation, you can go to a moving in Switzerland website.


What are the steps to follow to move to Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the 26 countries with Schengen visa. Therefore, people from France who want to move to Switzerland can do so without a visa. During the move, you just need to take with you an identity document such as an ID card or a passport. With one of these documents, you will be able to enjoy a stay that will certainly not reach three months.

If your stay in the country is longer than three months, you will need to obtain an administrative residence permit. This is issued by the canton of the country. You should plan for this if you plan to live there for a long time and work. If it is the job that makes you move, then it is up to your recruiter to take care of it.


Moving to Switzerland: what are the residence permits?

There are several types of residence permits. First, there is the L permit. Renewable, it allows you to stay in Switzerland for one year. It is suitable for those who have a fixed-term contract of less than one year.  Secondly, there is the B permit which is valid for five years. It is the residence permit adapted to a permanent contract or a fixed-term contract of more than one year.

Thirdly, you will find the C permit which is unlimited. It is suitable for those who want to reside in Switzerland more often. Fourth and last, there is the G permit. This is reserved for workers who cross the border. It is valid for five years and extends to the family members of these workers.