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How to manage your time?

Lack of time at work is one of the main causes of stress today. Do you feel like you can't get anywhere because you're running around with too much on your plate? Are you unable to balance your personal life, your distractions and your professional life? Discover some rules to better manage your time at work.

Manage your time better, organize and manage your workspace

Organizing and maintaining a well-organized workspace can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend searching. How many times have you had to turn over your desk and dig through all the files only to find that the paper you were looking for was right in front of you the first time? For more information, read what he said next. This is a real waste of time that can easily be avoided. 

Use pockets, binders, a color system, or whatever works for you to avoid getting lost. This will allow you to easily find documents without wasting time and focus on the important tasks.  Organize your desk so that you only have access to the documents you are working on. Keep the rest in drawers. Regularly sort through what you don't need and put the rest back where it belongs. Without realizing it, you can accumulate a lot of unnecessary documents/items in a short period of time.


Make plans for the future

The Reverse Planner allows you to write down all the deadlines for a task or project. This will allow you to plan your short, medium and long term deadlines and organize them accordingly. "Is that report due by Wednesday? Do you think you need a full day to do it? Then plan to do it on Monday, which will give you a day's breathing room in case something unexpected happens. These guidelines will save you a lot of time: you'll know exactly what you need to do and when. 

Here are some tips to help you get organized: Don't be afraid to set your own deadlines if you don't have any, so you don't accumulate files that need to be done in a hurry. A specific time requirement is more motivating and prevents you from putting off tasks that can be done right away. If you are not satisfied with a planning system, a simple agenda (paper or electronic) will do the trick! You can also mark important dates on a wall calendar so that you have the information at hand and don't have to search for it.