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How to install a solar pool heater?

Surely you've wanted to take a dip in the pool in May or September when the water temperature is colder, or during the morning hours in the summer when the water has not yet reached the appropriate temperature. In this article, we show you how to install a solar pool heater, a very affordable and easy solution to integrate into our pool. 

How to install a solar pool heater?

The installation of solar heating, provided that it is adapted to the size and capacity of the pool, increases the temperature of the water by about 6ºC, thus extending the bathing season. For more information on this subject, please visit homepage. The solar cover consists of a series of pipe coils that should be placed with as much solar exposure as possible. The solar heating system will need to be placed in a location after the water passes through the filter at the treatment plant and before it reaches the pool. This way, your return to the treatment plant will start again.

How does the solar heating system work?

For your solar heating system to work properly, you need to know the following process.

- Connect the actual pool pump to the solar panel. The pool pump transmits cold water to the panel.

- Then the sun heats the water in the solar panel.

- Finally, the hot water flows back into the pool.

The solar system needs a pressure pump, which can be the pool pump itself, unless the distance between the panel and the pool exceeds 9 meters. In this case, the pump must exceed 1 hp. The solar panel can be placed on the ground, always avoiding traffic areas, although it is also possible to place it on the roof or a frame. The recommended orientation is south and the inclination is between 30 and 45 degrees.

Finally, you've just learned how to install a solar pool heater. Follow these steps to make it easy for you.