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How to improve the follow-up of leave?

After a long period of hard work, time off is necessary. This relaxation can be paid or unpaid depending on the type of company. There are many ways to monitor the scheduling of this temporary absence. In this article, find out how you can improve your leave tracking. 

Using management software

There are various reasons why staff in a department may be granted temporary leave of absence. In order to improve leave tracking of your employees, a modern and efficient solution is the use of management software. This set of computer programs will allow you to take advantage of numerous functionalities designed to increase your productivity and reduce your working time.

In this way, you are now able to plan holidays according to certain indicators. You will know in real time how many days each employee has worked. Also, in one year, you will be informed about the number of holidays taken or remaining. In order to guarantee the efficiency of the software in the long term, it would be reasonable to always think about making updates. This will ensure that your management tool is secure and fully functional.     

Manage absences efficiently 

To improve leave tracking, you need to keep a good check on employee absences. This is not an easy task, so there are various ways to accomplish it. As a company manager, you can provide employees with a letter of request for absence. In this way, you have a history of non-attendance for each employee in your company at your fingertips. 

However, these days, the best option for efficient absence management is to use software. If your company already has such a program for employee payroll, the two programs can work together. Whatever the type of absence, you will know how to manage it. In this management tool, everything is available to make it easier for you to organise leave according to the frequency of non-attendance.