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How to find a lost cat ?

How to find a lost cat ? The disappearance of your cat is an unfortunate and stressful situation, but there are certain methods that allow you to put all the chances on your side to find him. If your cat is identified, you should know that the probability of finding it is so high. You just need to be patient and tenacious to succeed. In this article, you will find some tips for an efficient search and the steps to take.

Lost cat : the first reflexes

As soon as you notice that your cat is missing, there are some reflexes to have and to put in place as soon as possible to maximize your chances of finding him. There is not a minute to lose and the Internet offers the possibility to immediately declare the loss of your pet and to relay the information, via social networks and specialized sites. If you find him, have fun, continue reading this to learn more. Go door to door to ask the neighbors and leave them a picture and your number. Place "lost cat" ads on the street and in stores. Think of consulting the "found cat" sections in the classified ads and on specialized websites.

Methods for finding your cat

It may seem silly, but always start by checking your home and the surrounding area. Indeed, it often happens that cats hide or get stuck in hidden places of the house: furniture, drawers, cupboards, under the sink, roof, air ducts... If your cat cannot be found, make rounds in your neighborhood during quiet hours in the evening and early morning, while calling him at regular intervals during your search. You can also try to lure him with a bag of kibble or by shaking his bowl, which you then place in front of your front door. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Call your cat to come back!

Repeated calls, especially at night, have proven to be a successful way to find missing cats. You must persevere and call your cat in a loud and clear voice, without interruption for several minutes, then start again every 30 minutes.