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Artificial Intelligence: What do we need to know?

In today's digital age, artificial intelligence is at the center of everything. What do we need to know about artificial intelligence? You will find out more about artificial intelligence in this article.

 What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is machines that mimic human intelligence. For more information, visit my site.  Its capabilities range from relatively simple artificial intelligence, known as "narrow", to advanced artificial intelligence, known as "general" or "advanced". Artificial intelligence is used in many different applications, such as search algorithms and facial recognition. Advanced artificial intelligence is used in self-driving cars or in advanced robotic surgical systems in healthcare. Some applications offer artificial intelligence that equals or exceeds human capabilities, such as applications in the gaming industry.

 How does artificial intelligence work?

Advanced artificial intelligence relies on large amounts of data, the quantity and quality of which forms the basis of AI's effectiveness. Using its capabilities, it can then extract certain characteristics from that data and turn them into results. Machine learning systems require some human intervention, which tells the machine how to extract the desired features. Deep learning systems, which are a much more advanced level of artificial intelligence, can be trained to extract and classify features. Let's take the example of autonomous driving. 

 Where does artificial intelligence stand?

Much has been written about AI in the past, and while it's still decades away from widespread use, its applications are already numerous. For example, the World Health Organization recently announced that it will use it to understand how the current pandemic is spreading among populations in certain regions. However, these applications are still quite limited. Autonomous vehicles are a good example of the problems that AI is trying to solve. These vehicles are systems that have been developed over a long period of time and represent fairly complex applications of AI, given the changing environment in which they operate.